Trusted for Years

I began with a physical repair shop in Salmon Arm, BC in 2015, under the name Shuswap Computer. Computer, tablet, and smartphone repair, as well as business support, were offered at that time. Over the course of three years, the business grew to include 1300 home and business clients. After moving to Calgary in 2018 I shifted to part-time, remote support which is now Sunrise Remote.


My Resume

I graduated from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in 2008 with a diploma in Network Engineering Technology, a program that included computer networking, servers, operating systems, wireless technology, security, desktop hardware, project management, and communication. Upon graduating I worked full-time in the IT department of a large Alberta law firm for seven years, then went on to start my own full-time computer support business in BC. I have since returned to Alberta, continuing the business part-time, while working in a full-time position during the day.


Evenings Only

Due to having a full-time computer support position with an employer during the day, my appointment times are limited to weekday evenings. I do not answer my business phone or respond to emails during the day, but you can expect me to respond during my business hours, and have my full attention during appointments.



Q: Is allowing remote access to my computer safe?

A: It is safe if you trust the person connecting. There are many scams out there, usually originating from other countries. I have spent years developing relationships with people who know and trust me, many of whom I have met in person.

Q: How much will I be charged?

A: I charge based on my hourly rate. There is a one-hour minimum for remote appointments, so everything up to one-hour costs that much plus GST. After that I charge in 15-minute increments, using the hourly rate. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Q: What if my appointment goes overtime?

If you booked a one-hour appointment, this depends on whether another person is booked after you. If so, I do put a 15-minute buffer between appointments so we can go a bit longer if needed. If no one is after you there is more flexibility. If you need more time than is reasonable for one evening, then we can schedule a second appointment for the next available time.

Q: Are you able to fix my computer in person?

I normally am limited to remote support. If you are a business customer in Calgary and something needs physical attention, we can discuss a possible onsite visit. Otherwise, you may need someone else who is physically in your area to assist.

How it Works



Book an Appointment

Book an appointment using the booking form on this website. This form allows you to select a date and time, and to provide me with your contact information, as well as a description of the help you would like to receive.


Get Help

At the time of the appointment, I will call you to get connected to your screen and provide help. We can stay on the phone together during the whole session or you can leave me alone on the screen, depending on what is needed.


Pay Invoice

I will email you an invoice at the conclusion of the appointment with the details of what was done. You can then pay this invoice securely online either with Interac e-transfer or by credit card using a link within the invoice email.