Price is before GST. Payment methods include e-Transfer and Credit Card. Computer builds are e-Transfer only.
Payment instructions are sent with the invoice by email.

Home Support

$60 / Hour

  • One hour minimum for each appointment.
  • Billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour. 
  • For anything related to your home computer, including problems, installation & setup, and tutorials. 

Business Support

$60 / Hour

  • 30 minute minumin charge for any work done
  • Monthly billing available
  • Optional “Unattended” support available (gives me permanent remote access to devices).
  • On-site support may be available occasionally for businesses within or close to Calgary. 3-hour minimum charge , and travel is 80 cents/km.

Computer Build

$199 + 3%

  • Get a custom computer built with high quality parts.
  • Parts are extra. 3% charge for the cost of parts, which generally corresponds to the complexity of the build.
  • Includes operating system installation. Additional computer setup may be extra.
  • Shipping or delivery is extra. Can also be picked up for free.